Saarijärvi menu


Starting with refreshing flavours of juicy vegetables

Courgette and seed salad
Cauliflower and radish salad with pea pesto
Potato salad
Roasted root vegetable salad with young spruce tip syrup

Tasty main dishes to choose from

Mushroom and cabbage rolls
Carrot and fava bean loaf
Pike steak
Overcooked varpupaisti ‘twig roast’ 

As a sweet finale

‘Hämmästyshuttu’ mousse
Rich cream cake

Hämmästyshuttu is included in the menu price but the cake is priced separately

Welcoming local experiences for You!

Saarijärvi menu respects traditions and creates new variations from them. It is like a modern wedding gown, which has a little old, lots of new and astonishingly stunning colours.

Maija Silvennoinen has created recipes on the basis of local entrepreneurs, Saarijärvi’s Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation and Saarijärvi Museum’s friends and regional producers and further processing operators. The recipes can be used by local companies, associations, and restaurants to produce lunch, dinner or a light snack menu for their customers upon order.

Saarijärvi menu puts emphasis on raw ingredients that have been locally produced. Side dishes for tasty meat and fish have always included local potatoes and root vegetables as well as our forests’ delicacies, such as berries and mushrooms. These have been enjoyed in different ways, both during celebrations and everyday meals.

Saarijärvi menu starts with salads that have been prepared with premium vegetables. The menu includes modernly prepared roasted root vegetables that have been seasoned with young spruce tip syrup or honey produced in Saarijärvi. There are several refreshing salad dressings, which are seasoned with available wild herbs.

A traditional dish from Saarijärvi has been ‘varpupaisti’ (=’twig roast’). It is among the main dishes of the menu alongside fish and vegan options. Varpupaisti is prepared with highland cattle beef, and it is slow cooked on birch twigs. Whether you use a traditional masonry oven or a modern electrical oven, the result is mouth-watering and tender meat.

The menu also includes mushroom and cabbage rolls, which have been prepared using the delicacies of our mushroom forests, a unique carrot and fava bean loaf and pike steaks prepared with the fish from our lakes.

The entire meal is topped with a ‘Hämmästyshuttu’ mousse, which is astonishingly good: a sweetish, soft, and slightly sour dessert.

Saarijärvi is a diverse and multisensory cultural municipality. We value purity, genuineness, and freshness as well as a sense of experience.

Let’s enjoy the wonderful produce of Saarijärvi’s land and soil!

Genuine local flavours and unique experience - Saarijärvi menu

Saarijärvi menu brochure

Saarijärvi menu brochure (FIN-ENG-DE)

Experience Saarijärvi’s genuine tastes

”Good local cuisine from Saarijärvi”

”Unique experience – Saarijärvi menu”

”Welcoming genuine flavours for You from Saarijärvi”

”Good feelings and sustainably produced food for You from Saarijärvi”

”Welcoming local experiences: For You”

”Welcoming and genuine local flavours”